Between You and I

Its been so long

I cant remember you

I look in to the mirror

I look into your eyes

I can barely remember you.

So much has changed

I am not the women that you remember

I am a wife and a mother

And now after so long I find myself searching for you

Only to find you standing behind me all along.

I shut you out and you understood.

You know that I will always be someone’s someone

And that I have always loved you

I have overlooked you

But now I see

Without you there is no me and

Somewhere between You and I is Me.


The Unwanted House Guest

You come along every night

Stealing precious moments

Altering the mind and body

You come with warmth and cheer

Spreading your magic through the veins

Blinding the eye of self awareness

You hold all the cards

Secretly stealing the soul.

You come with fun and frolic

Fiend disguised as friend

An unknown foe to the soul that bears you

I wish I could banish you..

But my cries go unheard

Because I do not hold you

You reek of self destruction

Quietly damaging all that is dear.