This one’s for you

To the boy I fell in love with,
The man who stands beside me,
The the father of my children.

The constant,
Who has a front row seat,
To all I have to say and everything I do.

The provider,
That puts food on the table,
And given us all that we want.

The comforter,
Who was there I’m my darkest hour,
The one that makes me feel safe.

The lover,
Who’s love I can count on,
The one I choose to love.

The friend,
I still laugh with,
The one who calls me out.

The father,
Our children look upto,
Their first super hero.

So here’s to you,
To all that you do,
This one’s for you!


Author: karenza robson

On a path to give my soul it's craving! I hope that through my posts, I can inspire somebody, save somebody and help somebody. I hope that i can touch a life. I blog so that tomorrow when I am gone, my children have my words to carry them through life.

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