When your baby is not your baby anymore!

We all love to watch our children grow! Do you remember your baby’s first smile, that first peeping tooth… remember when she first left the edge of the sofa to take a step towards you?? Aren’t they are such beautiful memories?! As parents, we are rooting for them to grow; applauding and celebrating their achievements along the way. 
My oldest, she is all of 6, of late I have been taken aback by her responses and actions. For instance, the other afternoon, I was just about done with drying my hands after doing the dishes when she walked in with a plate that she had just eaten from and starts to wash it. I told her that I will do it and she politely says “mama, don’t worry, I will wash it up, you have just dried your hands.” 

I was touched! I found my self smiling on way out and then it hits me by baby girl is growing up! And suddenly, I found my self wanting to hold her, wishing I could carry her around and just not letting her go…I realised that she is more responsible.. more everything! 

I think watching a child grow into an independent little being makes us want to turn back time or stop it for a while. I suppose, it is difficult to let go of them needing you. What really bothers me is that I know that our little ones are constantly growing and its not just a phase… their changes, physical, mental and emotional are always going to get us!

I love my girl! I know its not always going to be chocolates and rainbows. But one thing that I surely let her know every day is that she is perfect in every way even if she has driven me up the wall, I wouldn’t have it any other way, cause I know that its another memory for me to sink into on a rainy day.

So! All you mothers and fathers reading this, go and hug your children, hold them close, hold those tiny hands and bite their toes! Tickle their bellies and listen to them laugh, memorise their faces and make that a memory to last!


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