Where is the love?!

This topic came to mind after a few discussions with friends. So is the seven year itch really true? Does the honey moon period become period after a few years of marriage? Well if your answer was yes.. it is time to make some changes people!!!
Stressed with work, tired after a whole day of picking up after your children, exhausted that all you want to do is… fall asleep in front of the tele?! Like and comment on Facebook?? Or pass out after sipping on your favourite alcohol?? Or are you just too lazy that your mind over rides the body’s needs and goes to sleep?!!
So here is what you have to do, set a dinner time and maintain it. Spend more time with your family and less time in front of the television or tablet or phone…. get of social  networking and focus on some personal networking. Talk about your day with your spouse and use this time to vent all that you are stressed about. And make it happen. When you disconnect from the world you will focus on what is in front of you.


We may have too much weighing us down, we have to learn to put down your load and just focus on your spouse. Appreciate what he or she does everyday,  wake up everyday and choose to love your spouse; remember why you fell in love… hold on to the dream of growing old together.  Sometimes it can put life into a whole different perspective and  it will definitely change how you feel.
Don’t get lost in the bond that binds your love, instead loose your self in the love that binds you.


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