Sibling love

Its lovely to watch the older sibling look after the younger one, I Iove how protective the older ones get and how the younger ones looks to the older one for all kinds of support.  Be it any age gap, the bond between siblings is comforting to watch as they grow.
My childhood was a lot of fun with a younger brother, we laughed and played a d always had each others back and yea the teenage years were not always pleasant but today as adults we are the best of friends.
It is so important to help nuture the bond between siblings. As parents we have to encourage our children  to love each other unconditionally and teach them that they need to support each other’s strengths and weaknesses from a young age. The importance of celebrating a victory and sharing the sadness in losses can start at a tender age and its wonderful to watch them comfort each other or high five each other.
Of  course they will fight and argue! But that is healthy.. it is normal! That also strengthens that bond on some level.. we should not compare our children that could promote feelings of inadequacy in  them as a child and cause envy towards the other sibling.
Always remember that children know our tones even better than we do. They can read our faces without us having to say anything, so be positive and encouraging at all times and they will grow up reflecting the same mentality. Everything starts at home and eliminates outside.
Here’s to Sibling bonds!!


Sibling love


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