In marriages/ relationships we say that we are now one….united…so my title 1+1=1 makes sense now.. However, I want to talk about, relationships that go lob sided; by which I mean – one person is burdened in a relationship due to the lack of participation from the other… so that is the 1+1 =1 that I am talking about!
When only one person is proactively doing something for the relationship… it could be an emotional or mental disconnect, or even physical.. Sometimes when one is doing every chore- his and hers… or making every decision…or ignoring the others time and space, the other starts to become self sufficient!
Why does this happen? I think it happens in the very beginning in small things, that go unnoticed, blinded by love! It is only when things start to get uncomfortable or when you are stretched either physically, emotionally and/or mentally does it hit you really hard; that you keep grappling at small issues trying to fix what ever it is you can! So for the other person in the relationship, nothing may feel wrong and he or she may think that you are just so amazing the way you handle everything.
The truth is that he or she has taken you for granted… yes… and you have been letting it happen….either knowingly or unknowingly! Both of which has to stop! Sit down and talk, do not blame, do not point fingers…. talk about your needs and wants and come to a compromise if need be…don’t forget to leave your ego outside.
Somewhere in our busy lives we let ourselves be taken for granted or take our partner for granted. No body likes to hear it but it is a fact, the moment that we realise it, we need to set it right – before either one takes the relationship for granted; now that is harder to fix! So make peace with your self and with each other and there will be peace amongst you both.


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