Change is inevitable, when change shows its self in the ways of a partner in a relationship it sometimes causes an upheaval! We say that we will love and support our partners, spouses, family members and even our friends… but how many times have you walked away or cut ties with people because – ‘they have changed ‘.
I think that we are all hypocrites! We accept anybody whose ‘change’ appeals to us. Even if the change may be good for the person and it does not suit us, we either start to judge or start falling apart in our own ways. We love change as long as it improves or supports our physical or emotional requirements.
Each one thinks the other is selfish, unsupportive, illogical. ..blah blah.. you know what i mean.. so how do we move pass such issues in our relationships without unravelling? After much thought and deliberation i have words for both.. yes both…
For those who change, go easy on your counterpart… take the time to explain your self, be patient and consider the others opinions because it may just make sense… consider why the change is effecting you and or your partner… for those on the receiving end… ask your self why the person is changing, why its effecting you… take time to consider the change and if thats what the person wants it’s best to let it be as difficult as it may be, try and be supportive!
Always remember that people come into your life for a reason, some are there to stày while others are just passing through!


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