Living after losing to immortality

Some break down… some bottle up.. some live their life as though nothing has happened… I have often noticed people being judged by the way they mourn! “She has not cried”… “they are carrying on like nothing has happened” … honestly! Do not judge! The loss of a loved one is traumatic and it is a natural event… our mind and emotions are wired to mourn in different ways!
It is a gutting experience to lose a parent, a child, a spouse, a sibling, a friend and a pet! Does the pain go away? I can’t be sure… I think we lose a piece of our selves, on a happier note I think we carry a piece of them with us! We live our lives with the memories of those who have passed on… we remember their advice, we remember their life with us with sadness as they are missed physically, the emotional connect is severed… but in our souls we rejoice as they are now immortal.. and we can feel them around us… we connect spiritually… this is a transformation that we undergo when we experience loss… transformation that will mould your thoughts and being into a somewhat new person!
The pain that you go through can only be understood by someone who has been through the same situation … so lean on those who know your pain. They will guide you and pull you back to reality when you wander away too far while you mourn. Be strong.. be week.. feel… we are wired to experience a rainbow of emotions…it only means we are alive, we are human beings.. we just have to channel our experiences positively to make us better people!


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