The Connection to Creation

“I love you mama” – my heart melts whenever she says those words! My husband comes in after a long day at work and gives me a tight hug, my baby boy gives me a big smile when I cuddle and kiss him… Communication! Both physical and verbal in a family is necessary for each of our emotional well-being. How often do you give your children, parents, siblings or spouses a hug? How often do you tell them that you love them? It should be every day; not just on an occasion!

Children need to feel your love, they react to hugs and kisses; as they grow they start to communicate with words and mimic the actions of parents, so if the parents speak words of love to them and show them love then they will grow up being just that way. When young and in love… couples tell each other that they love one another every day… it starts there..

We are just so busy with our routines and responsibilities and are actually more connected to each with our mobile phones and whatsapp that we may hardly say loving words to each other. Hugs and kisses are ‘xo’ and kisses are sent in smileys… where is the human connection??

Kiss your children when they leave for school, hug them… and the same goes to your spouses and parents! Tell them that you love them! Do the same when you walk through the door after work; even before you go to bed! It will make a difference in your lives! There is so much that is said with a hug and a kiss! It is good for your body, mind and soul!

Sometimes, it is good to disconnect to connect or reconnect!


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