Broken Bridges

Having a good relationship with your extended family and in laws is important. It is important to have these relationships… Have you ever experienced someone from your family double cross you.. or let you down.. Hurt you? It is hurtful! Will you ever be able to feel the same about that person? I would like to believe that it happens in the course of life…

So two things can happen… One… If there is a confrontation… then you can either just stay away from that person or move pass the awkward phase together… and then you may choose to end that relationship or tread very carefully around that person! 2… For those who like to bottle up their feelings… Sometimes it is difficult to even think of a confrontation because of all the other dependent relationships that could possibly be harmed by you opening your mouth… so this is what I say ‘once bitten twice shy’ … move away… Create space… be nice, respectful and meet only when necessary… Speak only when necessary.

I have been in a couple of situations where the people that I held excellent relationships with have hurt me… and the sad bit is, we can never go back to how things were.. I have moved passed the hurt… even forgiven them… but the comfort level is totally lost and so is the trust! That being said, this is life… we have to roll with the punches!

Do not let the hurtful actions of others bog your mind. Keep your conscience clean! Do not hold grudges, life is too short for that! You will be happy! I sure am!


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