Stand by me

When I was talking about being married with my mother… I remember her telling me… ‘No matter what, you must stand by your husband’… I agreed with her then and still do; I am proud to stand beside my husband. What is even better is that my husband stands by me! – Some women think that I am privileged… some of them are not confident that their husbands/ boyfriends will stand by them no matter what.

Any relationship that is based on love is not (should not) be conditional! You do not necessarily have to approve of your partners actions or opinions; but if it means something to him or her, it is necessary to show support.

There are some who support their friends over their significant other… why? Is it an attempt to fit in??! Or is it the confidence that he or she will put up with their nonsense that stops them from caring for a little while! Either which way it is selfish! Then we have those who do not support their spouses with regard to family; i.e., parents and siblings…

We should be each other’s strength, we should balance each other out, we should care enough to listen, whatever our actions, it must be out of love and affection. I am not saying that relationships are rosy… I am saying that we have to work it out not be throwing the other against a wall but by compromise and understanding. Trust the one you love, love the one you trust. You cannot go wrong!


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