From one mother to another mother: the open secret

Have you ever wondered – how easy raising children looks with some mothers… they seem to have it all under control…  They seem to do nothing wrong.. They have answers to all your questions…I think every mom has this one peer mother that they admire… I sure have!

However the truth is that all mothers are fighting the same battles as you! Being one of the first to have a baby amongst my peers…I get asked.. ‘how I do it?’.. I would tell them, it comes naturally… and it does… Also there is no fixed way to doing things as a mom.. Every child is different!

We all have moments of weakness; we all have breakdowns, self-doubt…. But I think that the God given strength of a woman and the innate want to be a mom… the motherly instinct, overpowers all the negative thoughts and feelings… The more you focus on the added joy that your little one brings into your life, you start to think and feel positively! It is easier said than done…and yes  it comes with practice- it comes with taking control of yourself and consciously making a change!

I have learned that being a mom never gets easier as the child/ children grow. Yes.. you are done with sleepless nights and uncontrollable crying.. but each stage of growth comes with a new set of goodies and troubles.. the key is to take in your stride… go with your gut!! You can talk to other moms.. hear their opinions but you are entitled to doing what works for you and your child! You have had a connection with your child even before you knew that he or she existed in you… so go with what you feel… it will come to you naturally if you let it..

You are a good mom! Believe in yourself! You will always do what is right for your child and for you! You will have other women saying that what you are doing is wrong and you should and should not be doing this and that… Ignore them!! And believe me most of them do it behind your back…. Do not let all of it bother you… they do not know you as well as they think… they do not know your child as well as they think!  You are the mom!!

You are beautiful! You are fun! Your love is unconditional… So here is to you for being the Best mom to your child!


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