The evolution of being complete

‘You complete me!’ … Have you had someone say that to you? or..Have you ever said that to somebody? Yes? I guess we have all played some part to that statement. I remember wanting to feel that way about someone..wanting someone to ‘complete’ me. ‘ Now in reflection… aren’t we already complete? We are perfect in the sight of God… we all have our quirks and nobody is perfect! … That is how we are intended to be! We are complete! We can only feel complete if we are at peace with ourselves! However broken that we may be… own it! Accept it!

Everyday I wake up and take some time for me.. alone time.. I just enjoy the sounds and sights of a waking morning… it makes me

feel at peace… if i am not at peace.. I find peace.. and when I have peace.. I feel complete..

We fall in love… which me may be many times… its part of our DNA to want to love and feel love.. But until we find that person, as we say ‘completes’ us…Now that!! That is ‘nourishment’ for our Mind, Body and Soul! Yes!! He or she is Our Soulmate!! Your body is what you come into this world with… your mind is what you make of it, but your Soul… its pure.. its heavenly!! If you are at peace with your body and mind.. the Soul  flourishes with love!

And now if you are wondering about me.. Well…I found my Soulmate.. 10 years ago.. We live our lives accepting the things that we cannot change, giving each other the courage to change things that we can


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