Who Are We?!!

After a lot of mind toggling on what should be my first entry, I finally decided that I have to start from the beginning… We are born into this world naked and so innocent… then as we grow we are told right and wrong.. beliefs.. etc.. you get what i mean! We are someone’s child, someone’s sibling, someone’s friend, someone’s spouse, someone’s colleague.. boss..yea.. and as we get older we have our masks, our responsibilities, and the list goes on! But who are we??Seriously!! We are HUMAN BEINGS!! And the answer is right there… BEING! Just be.. take time to sip on your coffee, listen to the sounds of the morning, listen to the sound of your beating heart, in hale .. ex hale.. feel the warmth of the person you love.. watch your baby sleep, play with your children, hug your parents, Pray..Meditate..pick up a hobby.. Do what u love.. take it all in. We get so caught up in DOING that we forget to BE! Rejuvenate You! Revive You! Be an Urban Spring! Try it.. its catchy!


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