1: Strong… stronger



Until one day

Until one day,

He woke up never to feel any pain

The sun seemed to shine a little brighter

The air smelled fresh.

Until one day,

He no longer missed her smile

Did not long for her touch

Did not hear her voice in her head.

Until one day,

He decided to walk away

From the clutches of toxic waste and

Bow out with his dignity in tact.

Between You and I

Its been so long

I cant remember you

I look in to the mirror

I look into your eyes

I can barely remember you.

So much has changed

I am not the women that you remember

I am a wife and a mother

And now after so long I find myself searching for you

Only to find you standing behind me all along.

I shut you out and you understood.

You know that I will always be someone’s someone

And that I have always loved you

I have overlooked you

But now I see

Without you there is no me and

Somewhere between You and I is Me.

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There is a tag on my dress which reads ‘can be washed by men and women’ … it cracked me up! It was followed with ‘share the load.’ Well, I know that some of you are rolling your eyes already. Do you wish that you could get more of a helping hand from your partner […]

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The Unwanted House Guest

You come along every night

Stealing precious moments

Altering the mind and body

You come with warmth and cheer

Spreading your magic through the veins

Blinding the eye of self awareness

You hold all the cards

Secretly stealing the soul.

You come with fun and frolic

Fiend disguised as friend

An unknown foe to the soul that bears you

I wish I could banish you..

But my cries go unheard

Because I do not hold you

You reek of self destruction

Quietly damaging all that is dear.

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There is a tag on my dress which reads ‘can be washed by men and women’ … it cracked me up! It was followed with ‘share the load.’ Well, I know that some of you are rolling your eyes already.

Do you wish that you could get more of a helping hand from your partner or spouse?…. well…do you think giving the kids a bath once in a month or cooking an occasional meal is sharing the load?

How often do you or your significant other help with the morning routine or let the get some extra sleep? Do you do the laundry together…or at least help?? Does he or she know how to work the washing machine?!

Well..the general defence to not helping in the home is that working has left us exhausted…or just tired…well there are chores at home that need to be done too… chores dont end when you work into your home….there are the dishes, the cooking, the cleaning…you get my drift…it would be so much easier to work together…or divide and conquer…but share the load!

If your partner/ spouse can juggle a job and play house, I think that you can share some part of the load. Don’t think that your part time working/ home maker partner or spouse has it easy; oh and dont think that stay at home mom’s have it easy either..! As a matter of fact it can be more stressful to constantly be doing something at home than going out to work. We all have multiple roles and responsibilities and we can all use a helping hand!

Where do you start?? If you are a sloppy person, start by picking up after your self, if you think the other has it all covered spend a day doing what the other does for the home and decide where you can chip in. There is always something you can do!

Share the load!

If you want to do something occasionally go out to dinner, buy a gift, buy tickets for a movie, go dancing! Share the load every day. If you wanted someone to do everything for you…hire a maid! Remember that you are living your life with the person you love.

Respecting the emotions of our children

Have you ever had a day where you just wanted to laze in bed when you know that you needed to bet to office…. sometimes, we give in snooze the alarm for a bit more than usual… we land up going in late…  do you get a little laid back on a Friday??? We all have those days!! Today… my little one had one of those days… I felt an ache as I saw that look in her eyes as she was being yelled at to hurry up.
We all love to have an open relationship with our children, we would like them to come to us with anything and everything.. we want them to see us as friends as they grow. I believe, respecting their feelings is something that will help nurture that special relationship. We grown ups use the parent card… or the ‘because I said so’ when we want our little ones to fit into our schedule.

We should encourage our children to share there feelings with us; more importantly we should teach ourselves to listen and pick up on their feelings and respect them. Remember that these little people may not understand their emotions and feelings, so let them emote and let us help them understand what they are experiencing by listening to them and take the opportunity to explain that you too have feelings and its a give and take. You  might be surprised at how understanding your child will be!

There is a saying that goes ‘Respect those who deserve it not those who demand it’ our children sure do deserve it! It’s tricky parenting… but it is worth giving it a short. You will discover a side to them that you may not have known…they may too. I think its a step towards raising confident children.